What is g0y?

Most men deal with some degree of same-sex attraction, actually two-thirds. That is the vast majority of men. They are everyday guys like you. And also like you, they enjoy the company of and contact with other men. No one questions their masculinity. No one questions whether they (also) have feelings for women as men or by how much. They play a classically male role in life and in sex. And their ability to feel love for another man is defined by something other than sex practices, RESPECT.


To use common homosexual terms to describe this interest in other men is an error. To just say "homosexual" is measuring an extreme (10%), the 'Kinsey-6' only, and there are many degrees of same sex attraction that exist before you reach that end of the scale. Equally to just say "heterosexual" is measuring the other extreme (33%), the 'Kinsey-0' only. So, what do the 57% of men do who fit in the middle? Perhaps you might give them the designation "bi-curious" as if they were only testing their same-gender attractions, but really they're the most average, middle-of-the-road, normal segment of all, that huge 57% slice in the middle. Unfortunately for men, it's the same-gender attractions that seem to bring up issues these days. People don't feel so compelled to squawk about how 'unusual' it is to fit into the 33% who only have male-female attractions. They only complain about the 67% who have male-male attractions.


There are many emotionally rich forms of male-male contact that exist without a submissive role, the extreme so many people seem to react to with fear or disgust. Those emotional connections are the types of friendships, relationships, and elements of brotherhood you find in the definition of g0y. To be distinct on one point, the only kind of penetration that defines a g0y relationship is the emotional connection. Sexual connections for g0y men are both strong and tender, but pursue options that maintain a barrier on anal play, because that option requires someone to take a submissive role. (That does not mean playing a dominant role and having someone else be submissive means you're g0y though.) Maintaining this single element of respectful and masculine integrity, refusing to take or assign a submissive role, still provides countless enjoyable expressions of passion and desire that achieve sexual release without anal conquest. This concept applies regardless of the gender pairing. These men accept the name "g0y," spelled with a zero. In ancient history, male pairings did not highlight anal sex, that was only used to humiliate and violate your enemy, not someone you cared about. Achieving release by rubbing a penis between closed thighs, or other forms of frottage, were as close as it came to simulating male-female sex. Oral sex was viewed as a gift from an admirer, but the giver remained in control.


So why are we talking about men and not women who likewise span the spectrum of same-sex attraction too? Well, it's primarily because women who express appreciation for other women's beauty or even express polite affection with other females are not nearly as often maligned and shamed for doing so. Two girls who are friends skipping down the sidewalk hand-in-hand don't face the expressions of horror that two boys would in the same situation. The term "g0y" is meant to blur the immediate assumption of "gay" and to call attention to a different part of same-gender attraction than the extremes made most visible by what we today associate with the "gay" men we see portrayed as sexual deviants.